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  • Keeping your Cool.

  • Privacy.

  • Safety.

Platinum Premium Window Tint

Platinum Premium Window Tint, backed up by manufacturer’s standards, from the world’s largest window film manufacturer – CPFilms, Inc. owned by the United State-based Fortune 500 company – Eastman Chemical Company – offers you a high quality retrofit solution (glass tinting) to your car’s glazing system.  In addition to your need for superior heat control, absolute UV protection and maximum glare reduction, Platinum Premium Tint guarantees a long-lasting tint color quality with safe degree of reflections for a long-lasting privacy and optically clear viewing that suit your lifestyle and advance the appearance of your car.

Platinum Premium Tint not only presents tint efficiency, but also, makes this available to you at a very practical cost letting you experience premium quality within your means.  Truly, Platinum Tint has changed the norm in applying car tint in the Philippines.  Apply Platinum Premium Tint to your car and experience car tint style at its best.

Go Platinum for maximum!

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Platinum Style and Comfort.

Keeping Your Cool.   Psychologist says , “the way you dress is linked to your mood. Dressing well stabilizes and improves quality of happiness, reducing the risk of depression”. Somehow, you dress according to your mood or in some way depending on the style that sets your mood. Window tinting is dressing your car for



Premium Window Tint Manufactured by the world’s largest window film manufacturer, Platinum tint has been designed exclusively for the Philippines recognizing its market uniqueness – auto tint restrictions, climate conditions, economic situations and consumer preferences.   On top of its properties which subjected to various tests and surpassed international standards to assure of providing durable

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