Premium Window Tint

Manufactured by the world’s largest window film manufacturer, Platinum tint has been designed exclusively for the Philippines recognizing its market uniqueness – auto tint restrictions, climate conditions, economic situations and consumer preferences.

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On top of its properties which subjected to various tests and surpassed international standards to assure of providing durable quality, highest comfort and best protection, Platinum tint fills in the gap between high-end tint and affordability.  This means that Platinum tint provides consumers an economical tint application that offers color strength that lasts for years; high-grade adhesive component that stick easily and cure quickly without the unpleasant 14008354689262-0-680x276smell; more pliable polyester film even with the coating of metal substance that easily shrink onto glass without repetitive heating procedure; not just black color but varying neutral shade selections for more aesthetic options and more lasting color stability; premium reflective films that utilized the recent metalizing process to achieve the best heat and glare reductions without side effect of losing wireless signal; warranty period that covers more than the application’s lifetime; and lastly, a trademark on every piece that secure its authenticity.

This is the Platinum tint innovation – imported films scientifically customized to meet the local need.  It is a premium tint for having a superior quality but beats up the high cost of comfort and safety.