Platinum Style and Comfort.

media-Mii-MANGO-028-800x500_cKeeping Your Cool.


Psychologist says , “the way you dress is linked to your mood. Dressing well stabilizes and improves quality of happiness, reducing the risk of depression”.

Somehow, you dress according to your mood or in some way depending on the style that sets your mood. Window tinting is dressing your car for style and comfort as well. True enough, your car is an extension of your private home and it embodies your personality – your style.

Platinum Premium Tint offers dyed absorbent window film, reflective metallized window film and combination of dyed and metalized window film called hybrid film in clear, neutral and black color in different shades that surely complements to your preferred style and level of comfort. The amount of shades in every color and type of Platinum Premium Tint harmonized one another that allow you to mix installation to your car windows. Its advanced adhesive technology provides untainted aesthetic to your car over time. Styling your car tint whether in full or graduated mode is achievable without comprising comfort and protection.

Select Platinum Premium Tint for maximum advantage.